Nursery school in disaster area reopens its doors to refugee children

How would a traumatic experience like this affect a child?

How would it affect his physical growth and mental health?

What would it show the students that the teachers are still willing to help them even with out power and water?

How would the destruction of a house effect the child growing up?

How are these teachers going to help these kids to deal with their shock, anxiety, and stress along with teaching?

Even thought the nursery chiefs house has been washed away, she, by the sounds of it, is still helping. What would this show the children and the families that they are trying to help?

The fact that this nursery school is trying really hard to help their students and families, what does that say about the school system in that area?

This school is really trying to help the family, what would that show the kids about the school and the community?

What would the sense of security of this school show the community and other communities?

What is the role of the global church in this situation?


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A Man stabbed his wife to death then threw himself into the path of a train, leaving his 13-year-old daughter an orphan.


Some orphans are because their parents have left them, but many are because their parents are dead. But when I think of children being orphans because of death, i always think of an accidental death, but as you can read in this really short article the father knew his little child would be an orphan.


How could a man do this, first of all to his wife, and secondly to his child? What should this little girl’s extended family do, what is their role? What is their role financially? What is the child’s life view going to look like after such traumatic death to both of her parents? How is this going to affect this little girls social life? And how will it affect her education?  What is the community’s role in this situation? What kind of counseling or rehab type programs do they have to offer this little girl?  What is the Governments job when children get orphaned, what is their adoption system, or how would they take care of this little girl? What is the Churches role? What should the media be doing in a situation like this?


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A woman who is diagnosed with HIV nearly two decades ago, is now an advocate to helping other who struggle with the same thing!:

“The very thing that has ruined her life has also changed it for the better. as horrible as it sounds it is true.”

Watch/read article here:

“HIV changed her life for he worst and for the better.” It tried to destroy her and her family, but instead she used it to help others. How can the government be helpful in making a disease something that people can still work through? As this article is in the news shouldn’t there be more? Shouldn’t the media be more full stories such as this to show what can become of people with HIV? As she said in the movie this affects the whole family, what is the governments role in helping people who are helping fight great diseases like this and in organizations like this one? What is the churches role in this? If there were more people doing as this woman how would it affect the next generation of Kids? And how would it affect their view on HIV and AIDS? How would it affect there education on for generations to come?


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Special children excluded!

“These children are bused to various locations in the city to attend school in segregated programs. To add insult to injury, they are not even counted as part of the school enrolment.” Read full article:

Part of what children with disabilities need is just to be with other people they know and recognize. Why do these children have to go to schools that are out of their neighborhood?

Why doesn’t the government fund that?

Why does this school not even recognize them as enrolled children? Is the school system that messed up that it will not want these disabled children to ruin their reputation?( If they were to help them more maybe it would actually make them look better.)

Children need consistency, especially children with disabilities and these are the ones that are getting moved, how can this be avoided?

Why is it that the children with disabilities always get put on the back burner as if they don’t matter as much? Why are they not thought of the same?

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Sexual Abuse

Pedophile victims finally see abuser caged after waiting 21 years for justice…read article:


How can a person have such cruelty in them to do such a detestable things to children?

Or do they not see it as cruelty? What is the child supposed to do in a situation like this?

And what happens when it takes over two decades to have justice in such a situation?

What is wrong with the government?

How can you help bring justice, (no matter how long ago the assault took place)?

How can you help those that you know have been sexually abused?

How can you prevent it in the first place?

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Child Labor in India

RAICHUR, India, 5 August 2010 – Mani, 14, was beaten when she tried to chat with other children working in the cotton fields. If the children attempted to sing, play a brief game or slowed their work – due to dizziness from pesticide fumes or the intense heat – the landowner would hit them with a tree branch.     

Click here to see full article.

This is one story of many many that are out there. There are 218 million child laborers in the world. 14% of all children between 5 and 17 years are child laborers. 1 in 7 children around the world is a child laborer. Think of 7 kids you know and then imagine one of them working all day, like Mani, and being abused. What would have happened to Mani (and many other children) if UNICEF and organizations like that did not help? Think of what the stats would look like then, maybe there would be 2or 3 in7 children around the world in child labor!? What can you do to help children like Mani? Or what can you do to prevent child labor?

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Hunger in Pakistan

I don’t think I have ever been hungry for more than a day. And even that was not bad compared to half the world today. In Pakistan there has always been much malnutrition, but now since the floods hit 6months ago it has gotten even worse.

Check out this link:

What would happen if UNICEF did not help with this? What is the churches job in this situation? What can you do to help the hungry today? Do you sponsor a child? Do you give generously when someone or some organization asks for financial support?

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