Special children excluded!

“These children are bused to various locations in the city to attend school in segregated programs. To add insult to injury, they are not even counted as part of the school enrolment.” Read full article:


Part of what children with disabilities need is just to be with other people they know and recognize. Why do these children have to go to schools that are out of their neighborhood?

Why doesn’t the government fund that?

Why does this school not even recognize them as enrolled children? Is the school system that messed up that it will not want these disabled children to ruin their reputation?( If they were to help them more maybe it would actually make them look better.)

Children need consistency, especially children with disabilities and these are the ones that are getting moved, how can this be avoided?

Why is it that the children with disabilities always get put on the back burner as if they don’t matter as much? Why are they not thought of the same?

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