A woman who is diagnosed with HIV nearly two decades ago, is now an advocate to helping other who struggle with the same thing!:

“The very thing that has ruined her life has also changed it for the better. as horrible as it sounds it is true.”

Watch/read article here:

“HIV changed her life for he worst and for the better.” It tried to destroy her and her family, but instead she used it to help others. How can the government be helpful in making a disease something that people can still work through? As this article is in the news shouldn’t there be more? Shouldn’t the media be more full stories such as this to show what can become of people with HIV? As she said in the movie this affects the whole family, what is the governments role in helping people who are helping fight great diseases like this and in organizations like this one? What is the churches role in this? If there were more people doing as this woman how would it affect the next generation of Kids? And how would it affect their view on HIV and AIDS? How would it affect there education on for generations to come?


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