A Man stabbed his wife to death then threw himself into the path of a train, leaving his 13-year-old daughter an orphan.




Some orphans are because their parents have left them, but many are because their parents are dead. But when I think of children being orphans because of death, i always think of an accidental death, but as you can read in this really short article the father knew his little child would be an orphan.


How could a man do this, first of all to his wife, and secondly to his child? What should this little girl’s extended family do, what is their role? What is their role financially? What is the child’s life view going to look like after such traumatic death to both of her parents? How is this going to affect this little girls social life? And how will it affect her education?  What is the community’s role in this situation? What kind of counseling or rehab type programs do they have to offer this little girl?  What is the Governments job when children get orphaned, what is their adoption system, or how would they take care of this little girl? What is the Churches role? What should the media be doing in a situation like this?


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