Nursery school in disaster area reopens its doors to refugee children

How would a traumatic experience like this affect a child?

How would it affect his physical growth and mental health?

What would it show the students that the teachers are still willing to help them even with out power and water?

How would the destruction of a house effect the child growing up?

How are these teachers going to help these kids to deal with their shock, anxiety, and stress along with teaching?

Even thought the nursery chiefs house has been washed away, she, by the sounds of it, is still helping. What would this show the children and the families that they are trying to help?

The fact that this nursery school is trying really hard to help their students and families, what does that say about the school system in that area?

This school is really trying to help the family, what would that show the kids about the school and the community?

What would the sense of security of this school show the community and other communities?

What is the role of the global church in this situation?


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