Raising Awareness for Human Trafficking

Here is part of an article about a YWAMer raising awareness for human trafficking…

Burnt out and covered in the debris of a damaged life, the couch sat at the entrance to the Free Evangelical Church Holstenwall. The artwork by Youth With A Mission (YWAM) student Rebecca Lozano was commissioned for the recent They Are Not For Sale conference in Hamburg, Germany. It was a powerful and graphic piece representing the destruction that forced sexual exploitation causes to millions of women worldwide.

Today there are an estimated 27 million people being held against their will in bonded labor, involuntary servitude, or sexual slavery. Many victims of slavery have been trafficked from their home countries; they are taken to places where they are undocumented, invisible and trapped. Hosted by YWAM Herrnhut, in co-operation with the Not For Sale Campaign, the conference sent out a clear call to ‘Awaken to Reality and Rise to Action’.

The church where the conference was held, sits on the fringe of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Many of those enslaved today are kept for sexual exploitation, and the sights and sounds of the busy red-light district were a gritty reminder that human slavery exists in our neighbourhoods; the places we live, work and worship in. Human trafficking is not a foreign problem. It is not something that happens solely in distant countries; increasingly the problem is in our backyards. Not for Sale is an organization working to teach people methods to recognize modern-day slavery and how to be part of the solution by providing practical steps to abolish it. The conference served as a dynamic way of introducing the Not For Sale Campaign to Europe.

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I like this article because it talks about the reality of human trafficking being everywhere not just in crazy foreign countries where it does not really affect us. There is probably some sort of trafficking going on in your own home town. What can you do about this? I encourage you to do a little research yourself and see what you can find out about what goes on in your home town or near you. What can you do to help, maybe the first step you can do is raise awareness. What you find may shock you…

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Does Foster Care Always Work The Way It Should?


Is foster care good if it is really not benefiting the child the way it should be? Isn’t foster care meant to help? Here is part of an article that shows children are in foster care longer than necessary because the parents do not have enough money to help their Children even when they have overcome the problems that sent their children into foster care in the first place.

Foster-care policy oppressive, critics say

Children could stay in care longer if cuts send parents to streets

Lindsay Kines, Times Colonist

Published: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Foster children are sometimes kept in care longer than necessary because of an “oppressive” government policy that can render their parents homeless, legal advocates say.

West Coast LEAF and Pivot Legal Society want Ombudsperson Kim Carter to investigate the policy, which they say discriminates against impoverished women and aboriginals.

Under the policy, parents on welfare lose part of their shelter allowance if their child is taken into the temporary care of the government. A single mother with one child would lose nearly $200 a month — a 34 per cent cut — and be forced to find a place to live for as little as $375.

“So you can imagine in a city like Vancouver or Victoria, finding a place is extremely difficult on that low a shelter allowance,” said Kasari Govender, a lawyer with West Coast Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund.

The advocates argue that parents end up homeless or living in such shabby conditions that they can’t get their children back — even if they’ve taken steps to deal with whatever problems caused social workers to remove the kids in the first place.

“It results in children staying in foster care for a longer period of time,” the advocates wrote in an official complaint to Carter’s office. “It could even result in a parent losing custody of their child permanently.”

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This is not right! I can be quick to see that their are problems in foreign countries with children being adopted because their family can’t afford it. But it is happening in western countries too, just in a different way. Instead of them being adopted they are going into foster care. Both situations break the family up. This is not what God intended. God intended families to stay together. That is how we will have properly functioning society. What can you do to help? Is there someone you know that had to put their kids in foster care for a reason that does not make sense? Is there a way you can help that person? Maybe you can have an effect on how the government takes care of those on welfare?

The Bible talks so much about helping the poor. These people are some of the poor of our society how are you going to help them?

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